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Serendipity Solutions has a dual nature


Everything Serendipity Solutions does falls under helping your not-for-profit organization develop and sustain programs.


However, we separate operations into 2 categories:

Grant Writing



1. Grant Writing 101
Grant Writing 101 is designed for the novice grant writer interested in securing program/project funds for non-profit (501c3) organizations. 


Learn how to identify opportunities and draft proposals to family and corporate foundations.  Participants will learn grant writing trends and new techniques from both a writer’s and reviewer’s prospective.  (2.5 hours)
2. Advanced Grant Writing
This course encourages the experienced grant writer to think outside the box and experiment with new approaches in researching, drafting, and submitting proposals. 


Explore opportunities to partner with peers in the room as you review and share current grant opportunities that might be a perfect fit for your organization and/or other nonprofits in the class.  (2 hours)

3. Volunteer Management Boot Camp
Herding cats?  This class has been developed by professional volunteer managers to guide you through the
recruiting, retaining, and recognition phases of coordinating volunteers. 


You will leave with fantastic tools to insure success as you create and/or expand your organization’s volunteer initiative. You will also receive a digital copy of the Volunteer Management Toolkit.  (3 hours)

4. Volunteer Reception Center (VRC) Simulation Exercise


Spontaneous Volunteers will come into a community to help after a disaster strikes - regardless of your capacity to manage them. County governments, nonprofits, and civic organizations can take the lead by hosting a VRC Simulation Exercise!


This 2 hour, interactive, hands on workshop is the perfect team building tool to prepare your organizations and your partners for the influx of volunteers that WILL arrive, ready or not! It's fun, informative, and facilitated by some of the authors of the "Spontaneous Disaster Volunteer Management" tool kit and handbook.


Invite at least 20 people to participate in the "controlled chaos" that happens after a hurricane, flood, tornado, fire, etc. (2 hours)



Please contact Laura to discuss scheduling at:



The fee per participant usually varies between $25 and $100. 


Registration costs are adjusted to cover travel expenses and room rental. 


If your agency would like to cover those costs, Adraine is happy to present her workshops for however many of your clients, coworkers or community members you can fit into the room!


If your agency is paying travel fees, you are welcome to use her trainings as a fundraiser, charging and collecting whatever fee you decide. 

Grant Writing


Serendipity Solutions offers fund development at a fraction of the cost of hiring staff.
Our fee is low and 
all inclusive, AND is guaranteed for Level 3 and our Writer-in-Residence partnership packages!

This means
 that Serendipity will continue writing for you until you have received at least enough new funding to cover the fee for hiring us.

Choose the partnership level that best suits your agency’s needs: 

Links to Documents Below

Level 1

4+ Proposals

totaling at least

$50,000 in requests

Level 2

5+ Proposals

totaling at least

$100,000 in requests

Level 3


6+ Proposals

totaling at least

$200,000 in requests

Proposals in a customized partnershsip

totaling at least

$1,000,000 in requests

       * We are excited to share our introductory rate on Fiverr!
        Please click the link here.  

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