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Letters of Support/Partnership

About 20% of the time, funders will ask for a couple of letters of support to be uploaded or attached to your grant application. Have these letters prepared in advance, keeping in mind

these things:

* They must be dated in the same calendar year that you’re applying for funding

* They must include specifics on how they support and/or partner with your agency

* They can be “To Whom It May Concern”, so one letter can be sent to many funders

Here’s a good example of an in-kind partnership letter:

“United Way of Utopia partners with the Unicorn Center by providing meeting space, at no cost,

for board meetings, workshops, and special events throughout the year. United Way also

markets the workshops facilitated by the Unicorn Center by sending out emails to all of their

local contacts, including affiliated agencies, business partners, and faith based organizations.”

Collect these letters at the beginning of each calendar year so you’ll have them in your grant

writing toolbox when funders ask for one or two support letters.

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