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You Don’t Receive United Way Funds? No Worries.

United Ways across the nation are changing. They often do direct service by offering workforce

development, after school programs, and food banks.

While many United Ways still allocate funds annually, they simply do not have the resources to fund all worthwhile 501c3 organizations in a community.

Here’s the good news!

Several national corporations will not award grants to agencies who

receive United Way funds. Why? It’s because they sit in their glass towers and think that if they give a substantial donation to United Way of America that it magically filters down to United

Ways across the country.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case; but it can work in your favor.

Who are these foundations? If you were my client, you’d know! LOL

Okay, I’ll share one with you. Google this: Walgreens Foundation. You’re welcome,

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